Week 2: September 4-7

Today, we spent our class time discussing grades. What does an A stand for? What about a C or an F? I had never really though about this before. In high school, an “A” was 90-100%, a “B” was 80-89%, and so on. Everything was objective. Overall grades were based on test scores, and other factors (like effort or participation) were typically not taken into account.

During our discussion, some said that a student deserves an A when they have demonstrated effort and commitment to learning the material, while others thought that an A should be given only when a student can demonstrate deep and thorough understanding of the course material. But, that brought up other questions. How does a professor know when a student has put in effort, or has a thorough understanding of the material?

In short, there is no one correct definition of what an “A” is. For our FSEM, grades will be based on engagement (participation, completion of assignments, etc.) and insight (the ideas and knowledge each student shares). To me, this seems like a middle ground between objective and subjective grading.



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