Course Reflection

As this semester is coming to an end, I wanted to post a reflection on the “ungraded” system we used in FSEM 100. Prior to this semester, I had never taken a class that was not strictly based on points and grades. In high school, it seemed that teachers were constantly passing out rubrics and grading sheets, and my classmates would frequently do the bare minimum of what was listed on the rubric in order to pass. The “ungraded” system frees students of the obligation to obsess over grades and points. This semester, I was able to choose the format and organization for my papers and just write, rather than being confined to the requirements of a rubric. It made the writing process less stressful and allowed me to focus on the content, rather than the style of the paper. Overall, I thought it was an interesting experience, and certainly unlike any previous grading system in my 12 years of school.

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